33 Variations

What to do about NYTimes’ Ben Brantley? He’s often on-target but, in reviewing Moises Kaufman’s 33 Variations (now on Broadway), he describes it as “often soggy.” DON’T BELIEVE HIM! The play — directed by the author — is a fluid marvel. It engages thinking adults intellectually and emotionally, and boasts a fine cast, 74173-33-variations_341x182including music director/pianist Diane Walsh. It’s that rare example of perfectly-tuned theatre, in which actors, text, music, and set design pulse with life and offer abiding  satisfaction. Yes, it  includes Jane Fonda; she’s very good, but so is everyone, and everything, else. Kaufman knows exactly what he wants, and he gets it, for those lucky enough to see the play. It’s leaving town on May 24th; don’t miss 33 Variations! www.33variations.com



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