Loaves and Fishes Come to New York!

Every spring since 1981, master magician Rene Rozon has been producing the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA).









But its real title should be the Miracle in Montreal. It’s the only festival of films on art in the world, and—even in our cosmos of ever-shrinking budgets—has grown ever bigger, ever better, as Rozon continues to pull his rabbits out of his hat. Starting out as a two-day wonder, it’s become a two-week treasury overflowing with films on art, architecture, dance, music and theater, created by the energy and imagination of the world’s leading geniuses on bringing the arts alive.

Good news, of course. But for New Yorkers, it gets better! During the month of February, we can see FIFA’s best of the best on tour at the mid-Manhattan Library (February 19/20)); the Morgan Library and Museum (Fridays and Saturdays); and at the Center for Architecture (February 26/27). (http://musefilm.org/events)

Every film has its strengths and surprises, but whatever your passion, you will find more than one way to stoke it. From the quirky mobiles of Alexander Calder, to the Harlem Renaissance of Zora Neale Hurston; from the culture of shopping malls to the fantastic modernism of John Lautner’s houses; from an inside view of choreography to the transformation of historical buildings into works of art; it’s yours to experience. Free at the Mid-Manhattan Library and the Center for Architecture; free with museum admission at the Morgan.

After whetting your appetite at home, consider making the pilgrimage to Montreal and feasting
at the source: FIFA 28 (March 18-28), with hundreds of films on view, often with filmmakers present, and—in between screenings—some of the best food in the Western hemisphere. If you love the arts, love film, and relish feeling like an insider, it doesn’t get any better than this……………Complete schedule available after February 25 at (www.artfifa.com)

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