Fearless Predictions

Eye On the Arts, September 19—23
A 30th Anniversary Tribute to FIFA,
The Montreal International Festival of Films on Art

We all knew that when the Film Society of Lincoln Center added three screens, things would really heat up on 65th Street. And now, finally, for those who love the best films on the arts, there is a new partnership to give thanks for coming to the Elinor Bunin Munroe Center.

A glance at the ten films on view will whet your appetite. Be on the lookout for Revolutions of the Night: The Enigma of Henry Darger (a portrait of the ultimate outsider); The Stein Family: the Making of Modern Art (a portrait of the ultimate insiders who defined the 20th century); Produced by George Martin (the legendary mastermind who recorded Flanders and Swann; Beyond the Fringe, and put the Beatles on record and permanently on the world stage); for dance fanatics, a double bill: Jiří Kylián: Forgotten Memories, and At the Edge of the Scene. And for those who missed last month’s LatinBeat, there are two extra chances to catch the brilliant Unfinished Spaces on a big screen. And much more. Many of the filmmakers will attend, so check www.musefilm.org/events for updates, and get your tickets now at film societythe theatres are intimate.


Gotham Chamber Opera

This season promises to offer an outstanding—and particularly gutsy—trio of old and new works. It begins with Gotham @ LPR: Orientale, a mixture of Monteverdi, Rameau, Lully,Szymanowski, Delibes, Schumann, Bizet, Hadfield and traditional Armenian music. Hear a baroque instrumental ensemble; MAYA (flute-harp-percussion); a fluid mix of theorbo, guitar, chalumeau and recorder; the Gotham Chamber Opera; the kind of singers Gotham is famous for, and—as an extra treat—see the dancers of Company XIV. October 1 and 2 at Le Poisson Rouge. Doors open at 7pm. For tickets (again, purchase online as soon as you can): www.lepoissonrouge.com, or call (22) 505-3474.

In the spring you can look forward to Francesco Cavalli’s 1668 Eliogabalo, based on the life ofthe Roman emperor notorious for his sexual appetites, his appointment of an all-female senate, and his assassination. The cast includes Susannah Biller (so fetching as Fortuna in last season’s Il Sogno di Scipione), and will be staged by James Marvel in what has been described as an unrated production.” The opening night Gala (March 15 at 7:30) will be followed by five performances, all at The Box, 189 Chrystie Street. Tickets on sale as of October 1 at www.ticketcentral.com, (212) 279-4200.

Finally, you can enjoy the ravishing La Hija De Rappaccini (Rappaccini’s Daughter),by composer Daniel Catàn and librettist Octavio Paz. directed by Rebecca Taichman, whose work on Nico Muhly’s Dark Sisters was a highlight of Gotham’s 2011 season. We are promised a site-specific performance “under the stars in a New York garden.” I can’t think of a better setting for Catàn’s lush and dreamy score. Information: gotham                   —AG


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