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Yale in New York: Now Really Big!
(Sunday, October 19, 5pm,
Avery Fisher Hall)

To launch its eighth season, Yale in New York is Opening Big—very big—with a concert at Avery Fisher Hall; the full Yale Philharmonia

brentano quartet(plus the Brentano Quartet, Yale’s Quartet-in-Residence), led by Adams_John_Conduct_9-1_500Composer-in-Residence, John Adams. On the program: Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony, preceded by Mr. Adams’ own Absolute Jest. And, as a chaser, Stravinsky’s Orpheus.

Absolute Jest is both an Adams original and an homage to Beethoven—specifically, the Scherzo movements of the late quartets. While the quartets are known for their dark, deep and measured timbres, their Scherzos are fast, light and nimble. It is Adams’ choice to select high-energy fragments, to award them to the quartet (“…An orchestra is bigger and harder to move. …You need a quartet to keep up the speed of light.”) and to merge it with the full ensemble. It’s the kind of lineup that Yale in New York has become known for.

We go to concerts for many reasons; I went to Yale in New York the first time because its program was so intriguing. concert. The second time around I went for the very same reason: a new production of Stravinsky’s A Soldier’s Tale. Of course it’s always a popular choice. But it’s never the story; it’s the way the story is told.

SoldiersTale_0431This story was revealed by both the dance and the music departments. The actors danced (mighty well!); the narrator was a spot-on Michael Cerveris bringing a new translation to life; the costumes were simple but compelling: Ilona Somagyi’s take on red appeared in apt and cunning ways that never failed to amuse (and, I’m convinced, were channeled by one character in Sprint’s video commercials). Of course it should tour–it was created for touring– but with David Shifrin and Ani Kafavian heading up the chamber ensemble, it’s hard for schedules to align. We can, for now but hope, and whet our lips for an encore. see it

But to plug into the opening of Yale’s new season and see what the cheering is all about, be in your seats on Sunday at 5pmbeethoven-330x350
Come to think of it, why not subscribe to the entire season? this season


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