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Russian Film Week in New York

russian film weekWhile we hold our collective breath to see when (and if) Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will meet again, and try to imagine what they might say to one another, we can enjoy our own conversations. The 2018 Russian Film Week in New York will present its films, filmmakers, producers, writers and actors at the SVA Theatre: 333 West 23rd Street, NYC;  (212) 592-2980; http://svatheatre.com/events/russian-film-week-2018/

More to the point, they will also offer discussions (absolutely certain to be lively!) and Q & A’s following the screenings, panels with journalists and VIP receptions. It’s a terrific chance to find out about Russia now and exchange opinions with leading creatives in real time. Bring your best questions; you’re going to get answers…..


Its dynamic programming includes both independent and commercial films and features, plus the Russian Academy Award selection Sobibor – directed by and starring Konstantin Khabensky and – interesting to note – partially funded by the Russian government; along with a new takeon Anna Karenina: Vronsky’s Story (by Karen Shakhnazarov); documentaries, comedies and animation. But – let’s face it – it’s not just the movies, but the origin stories, the political climate, and the chance for intense dialogue at the person-to-person level before our heads of state sit down together—if they do. Enjoy it while you can.


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