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Apollo’s Girl

October 28, 2015


apollo and lyre



Film Society of Lincoln Center:
Scary Movies 9: October 30 – November 5

This year’s choices are a perfect witches’ brew of classics frankenstein 1jpg(Frankentein (1931); The Gorgon; The Last Winter); brand-new takes on adaptations and genres; and tools (chainsaws) and tropes (don’t go into that forest!) of the trade.

So: You can make it easy (Southbound, on Opening Night, with directors, stars, and a costume party with food, drink, and prizes); or you can make it hard: the closing-night double bill of Bernard Rose’s frankenstein21988 Paperhouse and his just-released Frankenstein. Rose knows how to do evocative and how to do powerful (remember the scene in his Immortal Beloved when young Beethoven lies in bed, terrified, knowing his drunken father is climbing the stairs to give him a beating?) but he always does beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful: I was intrigued by Sean Byrne’s sean byrneThe Devil’s Candy, a ravishing marriage of painterly light and camerawork, and seriously heavy metal. The story of an artist who paints butterflies for banks and turns to canvases for the devil was smart, fast, and stylish beyond anything Goethe imagined when he wrote Faust. This is Byrne’s second feature; he’s worth watching and waiting for. P.S. The entire cast—especially the principals (Shirl Appleby, Kiara Glasco, and gallery-
ready embrypainter Ethan Embry)—put, and keep, it spinning over the top.

You can, of course, pick and choose your favorites, or you can keep the popcorn coming and sign up for a week of fear and trembling.

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